Getting Started with Webinar Marketing


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  • i was trying too get a get respond but i dont have alot of on my phones
  • i have a getresponse account but i dont see the webinars tab-is this a separate add on paid feature?
  • Hi Guys - hoping that you can fix the webinar registration problems asap so that we can promote our webinars with confidence knowing that our attendees know (with ease) how to register, be reminded and attend the webinar room at the future time scheduled for the event. Currently (20th June) this is not an intuitive or flowing process, in fact it is a horrible experience for the host to try and create & promote the webinar registration (have tested 6 or more ways to make this work but with no joy), but then the poor person trying to register - well they are just left confused as to what on earth they should be doing (or have done as the message indicates). And it is no better in the invitation process, asking current subscribers to register for the webinar, they too are confused as to what or if when they did or didn't register already - HUGELY CONFUSING. And having the address details of the presenter showing in the profile section of the registration is a security risk - this should be an optional choice. There are many ways to make this webinar service become one of the best options for marketers & business owners - so please do try to get these MAJOR issues sorted out asap. Thanks.
  • Thank-you Abby, This recorded webinar was very interesting
  • Very good presentation! This is something I will learn more about. Thank you very much!
  • Excellent presentation Abby. Thank you!